Competitive Activities :

1.1 Downhill Individual (DHI)
The sport of mountain biking has be more popular than ever in Kathmandu, Nepal, as more and more riders push the limits of speed and endurance in the surrounding hills. Himalayan Outdoor Festival has included DHI from last 5 years at Hattiban. This Year at Kakani, we have a new natural track build with support with Switchback Nepal, which brings new technical challenges to the riders.

1.2 Cross Country Olympic (XCO)
With the speed at one side and maintaining the speed throughout race is what you need to win Cross country cycling race. The Track surrounds the Scout Compound, on a clear day you will be able view the Valley from one side of the track, where as the mountain range view from another side, virgin single tracks build just for the event, passing through the camping grounds,so that it is more close to viewers.

XCO Map & Other Details

1.3 Night Uphill Race
A fun race at the first day of the festival will surely be a great start. Riders will be using their headlamp to cycle in the dark and just to make it more spic we will be taking the riders to climb a uphill from the main chowk to bring the vibe within the Kakani locals.

1.4 Cross County Eliminator (XCE)



2.1 30 k
Start: Budhanilkantha Gate
Check posts: Will be updated
Finish: Kankani International Training Center
30 K are targeted for serious runners, the track starts from Budhanilkantha, without touching the National Forest, but next to reaches the Venue ground, Kakani International Training Center. We are partnering with Trail Running Nepal, to build the trails for the event.

2.2 12 K Run
Start: Kankani International Training Center
Finish: Kankani International Training Center
12 K is targeted to people who have previously joined trail running, and wants to take it to the next level. It’s going the be part Kathmandu Trail Series, that is monthly event run by Kathmandu Trails Running Series.

2.3 5 K Run
It’s targeted to people who want to try Trail Running.

2.4 Hash Running
Hash running is popular all over the world, have been in running in Nepal from quite a time, we want it to spread among the crowd.

2.5 Night Uphill Run

We are proud to announce the first ever kids run at HoF, non-competitive and ONLY FUN run for our little adventurers up for a wee challenge this year! We must stress this is a non-competition and we want to see all the children feel like winners.
Age group: 4-10 years old


3.1 Bouldering
Artificial bouldering wall will be put up at the event area. Anyone can try out what climbing and bouldering will be like. We will also conduct DYNO competition on the bouldering wall.

Leisure Activities

Adventure Film Screening
Open air adventure film screening on Friday evening, bring your cushions, blanket and a hot cuppa!

Live music
Live Music by bands with members active in outdoor activities, Himalayan Cultivation & Boyz Next Door II

Rope Climb
Two different rope lines will be fixed. At a time two people can compete who can reach the top first and on the top a bell will be hung. The first one to hit the bell wins. Safety will be provided accordingly

Going from one end which is higher than the stopping going on a rope or cable can be term as zipline. We will be setting zipline in the main event area to provide more thrills.

It is a balance sport with involves walking on a small flat nylon webbing stretched tightly between two anchor points. The slackline is dynamic, stretchy and bouncy adding more fun to the balancing act.

Kids corner


Food vendors