Adventure Film Festival

Himalayan Outdoor Festival team is proud to bring one of the biggest international Adventure Film Festival of America to audiences here in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Come get the thrill of your life and feel truly alive from the comfort of your seat.

Adventure Film started in 2003 as a dream in the heart of the Himalayas. In a tent during a storm, on a handful of scratch paper, Jonny Copp sketched out the vision of a community based, mission oriented, outdoor adventure film festival that tied indie film with art and activism.

He created the film festival by bringing together adventurers, artists, filmmakers and activists who believed in the power of the story and the narrative of adventure to change and challenge the world we live in.

Over the next 6 years the film festival grew and became and international success with shows in Chile, France, and across the US and for the first time in Nepal.

This international Adventure Film team committed themselves to mobilizing people through powerful art, adventure, activism, inspiration and awareness of the world around us. Adventure Film was rooted in the concept of “making your own legends,” thus empowering each of us to create positive change in our world.

Event Details

Name : Adventure Film Festival
Venue : St. Xavier’s Schoo Auditorium, Jawlakhel
Date : November 17, 2012 (Saturday)
Band : Albatross and The Joint Family
Stall : Food, vendors, educational, travel games, etc.
Ticket Price : Nrs. 500/- (2 shows)
Nrs. 1,000/- (1 show)

Entrance only : Nrs 300/- at the door

– Slack-line
– Zip-line
– Ice-Axe pull ups
– Dry Rappling
– Horse riding
– BMX stunts
– 2 on 2 basketball
– Tug of war
– Rope climbing
– Horizontal Bungy
– Boulder wall

Be there to experience outdoor activities and get inspired by world class adventure films……



11 AM
Hanuman Airlines: Fly over Everest (29 min)
The Beauty of the Irrational (6 min)
Racing the End (11 min)
Tempting Fear (25 min)
Outside the Box (16 min)
Silvia – Winter Trails with Matt Hunter (5 min)

1:30 PM
With a side of Victor (21 min)
Viva La Vie (24 mins)
Blue Obsession (8 min)
The Old Breed (26 min)
The Freedom Chair (15 min?) (please check the duration)

4 PM
Ready to Fly (78 min)

6 PM
The Gimp Monkeys (8 min?) (again, plz check the duration)
Hanuman Airlines: Fly over Everest (29 min)
Lacon De Catalonia (5 min)
Sportlife: Water (8 min)
Moonwalk (4 min)

See you all

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