Elite XC Eliminator 2014


The Cross country  Elite XC Eliminator Race, for the first time in Nepal was introduced in the HOF 1st series in 2014 From a group of 4 riders, the first 2 to complete the first two laps qualifies into the next round. The 2 qualifiers from each of a series of such race finally compete and winners are announced.

Cort Wallace (Canadian Marathon MTB champion and 3 times Genco Mongolian Bike challenge Champion, kona factory team ) too away the first position,  Ajay Pandit Chettri( National Rider, 2014 YAK attack Champion) took away the second position and Raj Kumar Shrestha (National Rider) took away the third prize.


1st: Cory Wallace
2nd:Ajay Pandit Chettri
3rd:Raj Kumar Shrestha

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