Giving Back 2014

We are committed to not only providing an unforgettable outdoor experience to all participants, but also to ensuring that we give back to our community. This event will create employment opportunities to local villagers before and after the Festival. Part of the revenue generated by the Festival will go towards building and providing equipment for a playground at the local school.

Event managers will work cordially with the Village Development Committee, local youth clubs, and the local police.
Event organizers, along with volunteers, will clean up the Hattiban picnic area after the Festival.

  1. Sunaulo Ghyampe Danda Ban Upabhokta Samiti
  2. Hattiban Upabhokta Samiti, Sokhel Bhanjyang
  3. Dallu Ban Upabhokta Samiti
  4. Pharping Football Club
  5. Shesh Narayan Library, Pharping

From this year we are starting Fun Games, for the children. It be run & coordinated by Heart Beat . The fund that collecting from games will utilized for School on Wheels (Mobile School for Street Kids)!!!


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