Himalayan Outdoor Festival

Himalayan Outdoor Festival is one of its kind human-powered adventure sports celebrations in Nepal and also among Asia. Himalayan Outdoor Festival has been carefully designed by the experts of long time climbers, trail runners, mountain bikers and event managers based in Kathmandu Nepal.

Now, it has become the most awaited event of the year in Nepal for all the adventure lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. We celebrate Himalayan Outdoor Festival every year during the month of February.


Himalayan Outdoor Festival is the only an outdoor event that has all three-main category race at the same platform. Our signatory race RIDE I ROCK I RUN with the sub category races under each has its own challenges and thrill. Since, this is the only mecca for all the adventure and outdoor sports lovers and enthusiasts which happens in Asia.

We incorporate the best practices and experiences in all this category races. Which has left us with a well-known brand now among our sports person and athletes from both national and international level.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Youth club mobilization by engaging them to the festival and provide platforms and opportunities
  • Support a causes through our kid’s run

Leave No Trace

Our team is committed to spread #LeaveNoTrace ethics throughout the festival. By embracing these measures, we can leave less of an impact on the Hattiban hill environment – while also taking these principles back with all the festival attendees and to their local communities.

Sustainability and Environment Practices

To reduce our footprint on the environment, Himalayan Outdoor Festival make sure to practice ways to prevent pollution, to reduce waste and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

  • We encourage all the festival attendees to choose refillable water over plastic bottles to cut down plastic consumption. Where filling station will be located throughout the festival.
  • “Bringing less is to have less to bring out”. We encourage all the festival attendees to avoid bringing unnecessary packing and plastics. All the waste from the festival will be properly separated and goes to recycle chain. All the festival attendees will be encouraged to leave zero trash behind to the environment.
  • Festival venue clean up powered by team and volunteers to keep our environment clean.


  • First of its kind human-powered adventure sports in Nepal and in Asia
  • Only outdoor festival that has been promoting : RIDE, ROCK and RUN
  • Introduced first ever portable climbing wall in Nepal.
  • Only festival to promote Night uphill run and Mountain Biking – MTB Night uphill
  • Introduced Outdoor Adventure Film Screening at the outdoor setting promoting athletes from national and international boundaries
  • Worldwide adventure film screening partner with Adventure Film Festival
  • Introduction of commercial adventure activates like slackline, mini zip line and more
  • Himalayan Outdoor Festival ignited more other adventure outdoor sports events in Nepal
  • Himalayan Outdoor Festival also initiated to promote outdoor culture
  • The only festival that happens for 3 days at the hills of Nepal with a full logistics and experts supports
  • Only platform that encourages and involves emerging talents and skills
  • Committed to spread #LeaveNoTrace ethics throughout the festival
  • Encourage climate friendly activities like refillable water stations, waste diversion, solar lighting, carpooling and giving back to nature by cleaning up the event venue